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Version: 1.5.0

Ancon Protocol

Protocol for secure offchain data economy

Ancon protocol is a new kind of SDK and technology that can be used to implement secure offchain data integrations using best of breed offchain protocols like ipfs and any blockchain with smart contracts support.


Ancon Protocol Node - L2 Gateway

Node manages offchain data integrations and trusted offchain gateways. It has DID web and DID key, Graphsync, and dag-json / dag-cbor technology support.



Protocol Contract - AnconProtocol.sol

  • BSC Testnet: 0x3A942779cBc73D5DA159DDcCe3FE9c1A16E5Fcba


  • BSC Testnet: 0xe756ee6397CAE88E7d3bfec73514D215E2a36f09

DAG Network

  • Address: 0xA6c53D3FE40ec6966653dE6503b079Dba306f589
  • Moniker: tensta

Features incubator dapp

  • DApp:
  • DAI Token BSC Testnet: 0xec5dcb5dbf4b114c9d0f65bccab49ec54f6a0867


Protocol Contract - AnconProtocol.sol

  • BSC Mainnet: 0x190cd8F5C699FCA0762fF23877a06fD2E8ae3Db2

Ancon Token

  • BSC Mainnet: 0x217f3bdbb0358082c99e1de01c47d1b2dba45ad5


  • BSC Mainnet: Pending release

DAG Network

  • Address: pending
  • Moniker: anconprotocol

Ancon Marketplace

  • Pending

Source code

API Reference

API - Core Features


Use cases