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Version: 1.5.0

Ancon Protocol Decentrallized Infrastructure

Smart Contracts

Ancon Protocol is a smart contract that stores ICS23 Vector Commitments hashes (accumulators), verifies proofs from a network of nodes or single node in a DAG sync strategy or using Graphsync. The clients in this setup, query a node in the network and polls the smart contract for HeaderUpdated events, in every emit a hash is submitted to the smart contract.

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A DAG Network is a node in single node or in a Graphsync network, which is register in Ancon Protocol contract. Every root hash or accumulator update is read from the node and pushed to the smart contract by the relayer.


A Node is where both the merkle tree storage and DAG blocks are hosted. A Node is created with ancond --moniker supernetwork --init, which creates a new set of keys and credentials given a moniker name.

These keys are used when creating a relayer connection.


A Relay is a NestJS backend app which is configured with the addresses of Ancon Protocol, an ERC20 token for payments, and a chain id .

Relayers can query either an anonymous last or signed last hast request fom a node.